About Our Business
My Name is Dave Thrane I'm 6'6 so every body calls me "Big Dave" I
run Big Dave's Wall Coverings with my son Travis Thrane, who will
take over Big Dave's some day. My wife Dawn takes care of the
bookkeeping and billing. My crew consists of family and friends that I
have know for years. We live in the small town of Burnet, Texas,
northwest of Austin about 35 miles. We attend the First Baptist
Church of Burnet on Sundays and Wednesdays, so we don't work on
Sundays and we leave a little early on Wednesdays!
Big Dave's Wallcoverings, LLC
Serving God & Central Texas
Our Mission Statement
To Serve God, Our Community and Our Customers to the
absolute best of our ability!
Our Motto
Our business is our livelihood, without satisfied customers
we're out of business! Our goal is to create a solid
customer following based on our workmanship, and it
starts with you!